Johnny Cash
The Great Johnny Cash at his home in Hendersonville, Tn. in 1974. Photographer Ken Davidoff Gets off the first shot.
                        photo by Ken Davidoff
Ken Davidoff's Classic Rock
Photo Archive of 60's - 70's
The 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival Documentary Trailer
by Jack Connell/Ken Davidoff, other photos by Ken Davidoff, Music by Jack Connell, Mark Andes, Steve Krawzyn, Chris Leuzinger, Richard Hott from the song "Palm Beach Pop"
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1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival Documentary Trailer
Ken Davidoff and John Lennon
Ken Davidoff and John Lennon
Palm Beach 12/74
The Lost Weekend
Photo by Bob Davidoff
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Clipper Ship Palm Beach
Leaves and Trees Reflection

Jimi Hendrix The Miami Pop Festival
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Ken Davidoff's Photo of Jimi Hendrix is used. for the cover of the Miami Pop Festival Album released Nov 5th 2013.

Historical Marker Celebration
    On the 4th of July, 2012, a historical marker was unveiled at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Fl. the original venue for the May 18-19, 1968 Miami Pop Festival. Participating in the unveiling ceremony was dolphin activist, and festival producer Ric O'Barry, Leon Hendrix (Jimi's younger Brother), and Oldrockphoto's, Ken Davidoff, and Jack Connell. Over 10,000 people attended, Leon Performed, the marker named the bands that participated, and Michael Lang, Ric's co-producer wrote, "this is where the seeds of Woodstock were sown".   
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Miami Pop Festival Album Cover
Jimi Hendrix Fire
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Jimi Hendrix Elvis, and Johnny Winter
Miami Pop Festival Poster
Palm Beach Poster
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Interviews with:
Ken Davidoff- Photographer
Ric O'Barry- Promoter
Michael Lang - Promoter
Eddie Kramer - Jimi's Engineer
Don Preston - Mothers of Invention
Leigh Stephens - Blue Cheer
Arthur Brown - Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Eric Albronda - Blue Cheer
Angel Risoff - Blues Image
Terry Adams - NRBQ
George Terry - Criteria
Mike Pinera - Blues Image
Plus More