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Since we started our web sites, we have licensed to many clients, including, Authentic Hendrix, for the book "Ultimate Hendrix" Sam Cutler, former manager to Mick Jagger, for the cover of his book :"You Can't Always Get What You Want", Micheal Lang, for his book "The Road To Woodstock", plus photos in fanzines, Jimpress, and Univibes, and the Tropical Living section of The Miami Herald for their Woodstock edition.
L to R  Jack Connell, John McDermott of Authentic Hendrix, and Ken Davidoff
       Frank Zappa at 1968 Miami Pop Festival Backstage                                     John Lee Hooker at 1968 Miami Pop Festival Backstage
Linda Eastman McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, and Mitch Mitchell
at 1968 Miami Pop Festival
Photos From Michael Lang's "The Road To Woodstock" 
Ultimate Hendrix Photo
The cover of Sam Cutler's new book, " You Can't Always Get What You Want", out April 2010. Mick Jagger and Manager Sam Cutler at Palm Beach Pop Festival. 
All Photos Ken Davidoff

Jimi Hendrix at
The 1968 Miami Pop Festival

Ken Davidoff   

Jack Connell   
The Oldrockphoto Licensing Page for photos by Ken Davidoff
Linda Eastman, Ultimate Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, John Lee Hooker, Sam Cutler, Rolling Stones, Plus